Services & Pricing
Custom Massages
On The Go...$25
Have a knot in your neck but don't have time for a full body massage? Stop in for some spot treatment with this 30 minute service.
60 minute custom massage...$55
Enjoy full body muscle relaxation with extra attention to sore muscles.
90 minute custom massage...$80
All the muscle relaxation of a 60 minute but with extra time for those really troublesome areas. Once you experience a 90 minute massage, you'll never go back to a 60 minute!
2 hour massage...$105
The perfect massage for the overly stressed individual or for those who haven't had a massage in a LONG TIME. (Yes, you!) 2 hours allows for plenty of deep concentrated massage & finishes with just enough relaxation to make you feel pampered.
Mother To Be Massage
60 minutes...$60/90 minutes...$85
Pre-Natal massage addresses all the needs of a pregnant woman's ever-changing body. From light trigger point therapy to extra foot & scalp massage, you will step out of your massage feeling relaxed & renewed!
Thai Foot Massage
30 minutes...$15/60 minutes $25
Thai foot massage blows traditional reflexology out of the water. Incorporating traditional reflexology with shiatsu & Thai stretches for the legs and feet make for an incredible escape from reality. Finish your tootsie pampering with hot towel compresses and you're happy feet will be singing!

These add-ons increase relaxation and are a wonderful addition to any massage! Please specify which enhancement you'd like when scheduling as they add time to your service.
Hot Stone...$10
Incorporate the use of heated basalt stones to melt those tense muscles!
Cold Stone Face Massage...$15
Enjoy the use of cold facial stones used to massage tight facial muscles. Cold stones reduce inflammation of the sinuses & gives great relief for the headache sufferers. Warm back up with hot towels applied to the face and you'll feel brand new!
Coconut Oil Scalp Massage...$5
Warmed coconut oil & peppermint essential oil is massaged into the scalp leaving your hair moisturized and your scalp revitalized. Perfect for anyone who just loves a little extra pampering.
Body Treatments
Sugar Body Scrub...$45
Choose from chocolate, champagne & rose, or cranberry scented body scrubs that gently exfoliate dead skin & rehydrate dry skin with a matching scented body butter. This 45 minute service will leave your skin glowing, soft, and smelling ahhmazing.
Take Me Away...$95
This is the ULTIMATE relaxation service. Receive a gentle full body dry exfoliation, 50 minute muscle-melting Swedish massage, hand & foot sugar scrub, a cold stone face massage & finish with a hydrating coconut oil scalp massage. This service is 1 hour & 40 minutes of pure bliss to renew you from a hectic week!


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